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Women Business Owners Webinars

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Michigan Women’s Marketplace and SCORE Ann Arbor are pleased to present a series of business webinars.

January 13, 2016 ~ Wired to Win
All employees are motivated, but not all employees are motivated to do a great job. Employers who are trying to build high performance work teams frequently ask that very fundamental question – ’how do I motivate my employees?’

A good question, but an even better question is – ‘what motivates my employees?’

In this high-content webinar, you will:

· Understand the major differences between behaviors and natural wiring (and why this matters in building a winning team)

· Discover the subtle distinctions of those two questions (and the difference it will make to in productivity and profitability)

· Find out the exact steps one company took to reduce turnover from 99% to 0 in 3 months and skyrocket their retention
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January 27, 2016 ~ Who Are You? Effective strategies to set yourself apart from the competition!
What's your job title? How many other people do you know with the exact same title? Who comprises your target market? Have you truly narrowed down your niche to understand the needs and challenges of your prospects? Who, exactly, are you?

Differentiating yourself from the competition and then using that advantage to clearly communicate your Signature Brand to your target market puts you ahead of 99% of today's entrepreneurs. This webinar introduces easy-to-implement strategies that move you from one of millions to THE 1 in a million. You will gain a clear understanding of who YOU are and begin to crystallize exactly whom comprises your niche market. Finally, you will uncover the key components that comprise your Signature Brand.
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