July 12 - Digital Marketing Trends for Small Business

Exploring digital marketing trends your organization needs to pay attention to and some simple ideas for jumping on & taking advantage of them.

July 19 - Look Great in the Inbox

Avoiding common mistakes to maximize your emails for powerful impact by branding beyond the logo, layout & design, and engagement.

July 26 - Social Media 101: The Basics

Understanding the value of using social media to reach your customers and how it can drive repeat business and lead to new customers.

August 16 - Promotions: Planning & Design

Identifying the different types of promotions, learning how to run a successful promotion, from goal-setting to measuring your results.

August 23 - Automate Your Marketing

Designing an effective auto-responder campaign and when to use them to follow up, inform and provide incentives for action & engagement.

August 30 - Rock Your Holidays

Creating your 2016 Holiday Marketing plan with measurable goals, ways to make your offer pop, and "how to" for every kind of campaign.









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