Directory of Michigan Women-Owned Businesses


Good technology is designed together. Serendip is a custom software company focused on white glove communication to enhance the experience of outsourcing.

We bring your tech needs to life faster.

Gauge Growth | Propose Work | Gauge Delivery

Our job is to understand your business growth strategy and recommend/build the technology needed. One size does NOT fit all. Let us help identify your needs and define your pathway to success.

It can be difficult to find trusted partners – Serendip will take the stress off your shoulders and make the journey more joyful. Some of our capabilities are listed below -
Digital Strategy - Helping you figure out where the gaps are, what technologies can provide the solution, how they talk to eachother, what is the timeline for deployment and does it make sense from an ROI perspective?

Web and Mobile Application Development - In any tech stack - (Java, Python, .Net, Javascript, etc,...)

Data Translation - How might we gather data, store it, design it and present it, in a way that speaks to the end user.

IOT and Embedded Software - Software that needs to go into hardware other than our everyday computing devices.

Test Automation - How might we test applications so we know of issues before the customer is interrupted.

Data Strategy - How might we prepare our network systems to handle large amounts of data and respond to users in a timely fashion?

Legacy Upgrades - How might we upgrade to newer technology (like moving to the cloud) without interrupting service to our customers?

API Automations - Connect to 3rd party sources and pull/push the data we need to create seamless business workflows.

DevOps - How might we build development and testing areas that promote a culture of confidence and speed to the development/testing and business teams?


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Jeeva Nadarajah
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665 Eastlook Drive
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