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Bullard Company is a group of fabricators, contractors and engineers who specialize in rail, truck, marine, and aircraft access equipment.  We also manufacture ASME IX process pipe spools and skids.  We have 30 employees and gross over $7 million in sales annually.

Core Competencies

Custom Rail, Truck, Marine, and Aircraft Loading Access and Fall Protection Equipment

  • Loading, Portable and Elevating Access Platforms
  • Safety Bridges with Fixed or Adjustable Reach
  • Safety Stairs and Self Leveling Stairs, Portable or Anchored
  • Fall Protection Safety Enclosures and Hoops
  • Fixed, Portable and Caged Ladders
  • Marine Gangways, Ramps, and Walkways
  • Crossovers – Pipe and Dike Bridges
  • Transloading


Custom ASME Process Piping

  • Modular Process Pipe and Pipelines
  • Modular Process Pipe Skids
  • Pipe Bridges
  • Pipe Spools

Custom AWS Steel and Aluminum Fabrication

Industrial Contracting and Installation Services


Bullard Company’s years of industrial construction experience delivers ease-of-use designs to fabricated solutions that work for our clients.

· Bullard Company has over 38 years of experience and expertise in custom fabricated products and conventional construction.

· All of our access equipment is custom designed and custom built in-house to our customers’ specifications.

· Our streamlined business model of “one-stop shop” offers our customers in-house design, build, delivery and installation that is both highly efficient and cost effective.


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Valerie Bullard
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7080 Schnipke Drive
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