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Standing throughout the day not only tires you out but it results in locked knees and hips as you try to stabilize. That puts you at risk for various musculoskeletal disorders. StandRite-Pro™ provides a comfortable balance point to unlock your hips and reduce risk and injury.

The patented StandRite-Pro™ is an ergonomic device that gives you a comfortable balance point at your shins to control postural sway that causes fatigue as you balance on your feet. This means improved engagement, focus and safety.

The shin pad creates a positive shin angle that enables proper hip hinge movement. This hip hinge allows for the reduction in the torque exerted in your lower back in even normal tasks like reaching and light lifting.

Flexing your knees and placing minor force into the pad interrupts the line of gravity that travels down your spine to your feet. This dynamic stance, redirects nearly 20% of your weight off your feet and into the shin pad.

The StandRite-Pro™ patented design is based on subtle movements to gather energy and deliver it within the center of gravity. The storing and delivery of energy in constant alternation is natural and necessary to build and maintain muscles.


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Human Balance & Stability Systems
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33717 Embassy St
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