Directory of Michigan Women-Owned Businesses

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The business was started to give me the opportunity to develop and hone in on my skill set. Also, it allowed me the freedom and passion to build my own brand from the ground up. Ownership of the company provides me with a sense of stability and the ability to become my own boss while creating wealth and leaving a legacy for generations to come. This enterprise is unique in that it is an African American woman-owned Christian company based in Detroit, MI. Further, each product is scripted with the Biblical word on it and will instantly become a collector’s item and well-known around the world. The proceeds will be used to employ other individuals within the United States from underrepresented communities in which they serve to prevent unemployment, poverty, incarceration, and recidivism. In addition to empowering nationally, African Americans who live in deprived areas to invest in their families’ futures by becoming business owners themselves.


Business Owner's Name
Marjorie Jenkins
Street Address
19800 Stout St.
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