Directory of Michigan Women-Owned Businesses


Midwest Film Factory Inc. (MWFF) specializes in business videos, photos and short film documentaries for websties, apps, training, social media, YouTube and more.
For over 25 years, MWFF has used media production, marketing and creative storytelling to service large corporate to smaller business customers. Our mission is to help successful businesses achieve a higher level of success by using videos/photos to make and save money using lean manufacturing techniques for media production.
We are a small but skilled videography and photography company in Northern Indiana. We provide customers with video and photo content to fill the communication gaps in their businesses, whether it is communication with customers, the industry or their own employees.
We're flexible, affordable and we have a lean production process to make exacty what you need, with great customer service. That's why we're called Midwest Film Factory. And that's why we've been creating media for local companies for over 25 years.
If you are ready to promote, inform or train with videos and photos give us a call. We'll help you do just that.


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Julie Scher
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PO Box 313
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