Business Tools

Whether you are thinking about going into business or are trying to implement growth strategies, there are tools to help you. These business planning and financial tools, great for start–up businesses, offer planning and goal setting business devices that help you put together the start of a business plan and to help you grow your business. They are downloadable and fillable, so that you can learn and use at your own pace.

These business tools are free of charge!

Lender Match Funding Tool

Lender Match helps you find lenders! Lender Match is a free online referral tool that connects small businesses with participating SBA-approved lenders. Learn how it works, get matched within a few days, talk to lenders and apply for a loan. Learn how to get ready before you start talking to lenders by using the Lender Match checklist!

Dreambuilder Business Planning Tool

Dreambuilder introduces participants to all areas of business ownership through a carefully crafted and engaging curriculum and is featured in English and Spanish. At the conclusion of the program you will leave with a business plan to start your own business or develop an existing one!

AARP Foundation Self-Saver Self-Employment Tax Tool

Self-Saver is a self-employment tax tool that helps with calculating, withholding and submitting quarterly payments. Regardless of industry, this tool makes it easy for your clients who are earning self-employment of 1099 income to manage and automate tax calculations, expense itemization and withholding, all in one place. Encourage your clients and entrepreneurial friends to sign up for Self-Save by April 15 to see how Sel-Save can hepl simplify tax time. As part of an early adopter promotion, if you or your client sign up for Self-Save today it will always be free!