School of Business Strategies

In the School of Business Strategies, discover core business strategies and innovative practices through courses that help you to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 or similar occurrences in small businesses.

Achieving Business Success in 2021 Using Metrics
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Mariyah Saiffudin

Mariyah Saifuddin
Founder & President
Innovative Solution Partners

Course Description: Are you using metrics to grow your business? Everyone talks about data, metrics, and analytics. What does that mean for you and your business goals? In this webinar, you'll learn to ask the right questions, to identify the most vital metrics and how to track them. Join Mariyah Saifuddin, President of Innovative Solution Partners, as she walks you through the metrics discovery process for success in 2021. You’ll leave with quick and easily implementable solutions you can share with your team.


Company Survival: Simple Steps to Recalculating the Profitability of Your Products and Services
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 Jim Muir

Jim Muir
Owner & President
Mobility World

Course Description: Are you maximizing profitability? During difficult times it is important to maintain maximum profitability in order for your business to survive. Learn how to calculate the profitability of your products and services. If your company offers a wide variety of consumer products or you offer professionals services, Jim Muir's expertise will help you to take easy steps to recalculate your profitability for a blueprint to success!


Be Proactive, Stay Positive and Plan for Your Business in the New Norm of 2021
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jean media  Jean Stenger, CPA
Senior Accounting Manager


Course Description: A small business owner needs to take key action steps in order to withstand the COVID-19 pandemic and be able to tell your story on how you managed through the worst global crisis of your lifetime! Businesses that survive this pandemic will be those that take action, face the challenges and make the right decisions. Learn the steps to help you thrive throughout!


How to Navigate Communication During a Crisis
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Lindsey Walenga
Siren PR

Course Description: Communicating effectively during crisis impacts perception. Done correctly, you demonstrate confident leadership and mitigate possible damage to your brand! How you respond to the COVID-19 crisis is critical! In this workshop Lindsey Walenga, co-founder and CEO of Siren PR, helps you to build a Crisis Communication Plan, including five things to activate immediately in crisis! Take away key components of valuable communication to effectively manage perception.

Strategic Planning: Clarity in Crisis
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 Deondra Wardelle headshot

Deondra R. Wardelle
On to the Next One Consulting

Course Description: Deondra R. Wardelle, owner of On to the Next One Consulting, will share vital components to help you build a strategic plan for your business that leads to the successful execution of challenging business goals. Deondra will also provide insight on how your organization can overcome obstacles that sabotage comprehensive plans. Walk away from this workshop with clarity through solid tactics that can optimize the future success of your business!

OKRs-Helping Your Team Align
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 Ann Bio photo

Ann Teschendorf
President & Founder
Covalent Resource Group

Course Description: Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) help establish high-level, measurable outcomes for your business by establishing ambitious goals that can be tracked. Ann Teschendorf will help you learn how to establish your company's OKRs so that you put the customer first, accelerate ambition, align with overall company objectives, and effectively manage the process. Walk away with a tangible perspective that will take your company to the next level!


The COVID Aftermath-Employee and Customer Desertion
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Dixie Grow

Dixie Grow
Career Growth Associates

Course Description: 
If you plan to be in business post pandemic, focus on employee and customer retention. WHY? Because you are being scrutinized through the lens of equity and social justice. Does your company demonstrate a social conscience? Do your leaders/managers act as role models for inclusion, equity and belonging? Do your HR policies and practices go beyond "compliance?" Dixie Grow of Career Growth Associates will explore what employees and customers expect from you and what you need to do to retain both in this informative and relevant session.


Resolve, Reimagine and Reinvent: How Smart Companies Transcend Chaos
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 Laurie headshot 2015 1 Laurie Bradley
ASG Renaissance

Founder & CEO
Flexible Support Group
  robin 2 Robin Moulder-McComb
Founder & CEO
3lb Games LLC
  Sandi Hokansson Sandi Hokansson
Executive Coach & CEO

Course Description: COVID-19 has fundamentally shifted consumer behaviors and employer mindsets in online buying, remote work, health and safety issues, and more. Companies that successfully navigate these economic and social changes will not only survive but can transform and thrive as well. We've assembled a panel of transformational leaders to equip, enlighten and embolden you with the tools and insights you need to reinvent your business and maximize your return on investment during this once-in-a-lifetime global event.



Accelerating Growth in Recovery
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alana 2  Alana Nicol
Keynote Speaker & Vice President
Gerry Weinberg & Associates
Sandler Training


Course Description: Every crisis produces winners and losers. As sales and business leaders, the plans you make today will dictate whether or not your team enters the post-crisis recovery phase in a prime position to move faster than your competititors. Alana brings her expertise to help you learn how to structure your plan to succeed during and after the recovery using the 4S Continuous Success Model.(Skills, Staff, Structure, Strategy). Alana will discuss trends, strategies and tactics to position your company for growth in each of these 4 areas.



Creating a Powerful Capability Statement
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 ShawntayDixon2 Shawntay Dixon, MBA, CWDP
Program Manager
Women's Business Center
Great Lakes Women's Business Council


Course Description: The capability statement is an effective marketing tool in building relationships with decision makers. Shawntay Dixon, Program Manager of the Great Lakes WBC Women's Business Center and Certified Workforce Development Professional will teach you the necessary elements of an effective capability statement.


Your Brand Presence in the New Normal
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Lydia Michael
President & Owner
Blended Collective

Course Description: Lydia Michael, President and Owner of marketing firm Blended Collective shares tips in three key areas on how to envision your brand in light of the economic climate and reinvent your image to help your business thrive!


Best Practices for Reopening Your Business
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 Alari Adams Alari K. Adams
A|Squared Legal Group

Course Description: As a Michigan business owner preparing to reopen your business  there are best practices and legal aspects to consider. Compliance issues such as PPE requirements are just the beginning. In this workshop, attorney Alari K. Adams addresses frequent questions of business owners around reopening amid a changed business climate including employee issues of resistance to a physical return to work, safety compliance and what to consider when writing new policies that comply with the FFCRA.



Reopening Retail-Successfully Managing the Transition
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 Meegan Holland Meegan Holland
Vice President
Communications and Marketing
Michigan Retailers Association

Course Description: What will it look like to reopen your retail business post Shelter-In-Place? Meegan Holland of the Michigan Retailers Association served in Special Projects and Communications for the Governor's Office and was the former senior policy advisor at the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency. Meegan brings her wealth of experience to this webinar and will share with you the logistics of reopening your retail store or small business, transitioning safely and successfully. She will advise on how to reconfigure your store, manage employees, deal with vendors and reach out to customers.