School of Leadership

The School of Leadership provides training to equip business owners with skills to assess their environments, identify opportunities for decisive action and to successfully navigate through COVID-19.

Purposeful Leadership in a Period of Uncertainty
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Priscilla Archangel 0452 pp 

Priscilla Archangel
Archangel & Associates


Course Description:

The ongoing pandemic, political transition and social unrest not only amplifies employee insecurity about what the future will be like; it's distracting and emotionally exhausting. Learn the traits of purposeful leaders to effectively move their teams forward to a brighter tomorrow.

  • Sharing Vision and Values
  • Inspiring Innovation
  • Communicating with Clarity
  • Engaging and Enabling

Join Priscilla Archangel in this engaging course on leadership in challenging times.


Declutter Your Mind During Crisis
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Arian4 PTP 0329 

Arian Hargrove
Founder & CEO
Love 4 Systems


Course Description: Improve your own productivity regardless of circumstances! In a sudden time of remote work and self-isolation, we're adapting to new work norms, searching for productivity in our workflow. The good news is, peak productivity is possible using mind mapping and other decluttering tools to produce work and focus on your life regardless of circumstances. Join founder and CEO of Love 4 Systems, Arian Hargrove as she guides you to ultimate productivity! You'll walk away with strategies for how to make sense of what's in your head and a plan of action to begin implementing ideas immediately!

It's Time to Revamp, Rebuild, & Renew Your Business!
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Laketa Media 

Laketa Dumas
R U Ready 4 BIZness


Course Description: Did COVID-19 catch your business off guard? COVID-19 has affected each of us directly and indirectly, leaving us perplexed and anxious. Many businesses were not prepared with the cash flow, resources or contingency plan to be sustainable through this crisis. Laketa Dumas, founder of R U Ready 4 BIZness, will empower you to Revamp, Rebuild, and Renew your business.

Business Lessons from White Water Rafting
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Fisher Lisa pp  Lisa Fisher
Founder and CEO
Lisa Fisher Associates

Course Description: White water rafting is filled with twists, unexpected turns and frightening uncertainty of what's around the next bend! Certified Trainer and Business Consultant Lisa Fisher believes that running a business mirrors white water rafting. COVID-19 has increased the danger and a feeling of lack of control. In this webinar, Lisa shares the instructions for managing white water rafting to use in your business and a decision making process to gain control today!


How to Improve Your Leadership, Teams and Company During Times of Rapid Change and Uncertainty
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 Mary Lemmer Square Mary Lemmer
Improve Studios

Course Description: During this unique and enjoyable workshop, Mary Lemmer, entrepreneur and creator of Improve Studios, will share principles and techniques to improvise your leaders and teams during this time of rapid change and uncertainty. Everyone will walk away having improved their ability to improvise with specific techniques to use with your teams to improve the collective ability to adapt, communicate and overcome challenges.


Practicing Emotional Neutrality in Times of Crisis: Staying Focused When Chaos Abounds 
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 Cathy Tooley headshot

Cathy Tooley
President & CEO
Tools For Success

Course Description: Since March, what have you learned about your company? How prepared were you for a global pandemic? The answer is...NO ONE was prepared! COVID-19 came in like a lightning bolt and shifted life's norms-especially in business. Cathy Tooley's expert guidance provides leaders with key steps on how to remain calm and in visionary mode when all else appears to be falling apart! This workshop features guest Terry Dove-Pittman, Enterprise Strategist, Founder and CSO of The Gideon Group.


From Lemons to Lemonade: A Paradigm Shift with Purpose
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sCummins Sherry Cummins, SHRM-SCP, CMM, CMP
MWM and WBE Services Coordinator
Women's Business Center
Great Lakes WBC

Course Description: Are you feeling overwhelmed at the basket full of lemons facing you, life and business changes that seem overbearing and out of control? Sherry Cummins will leverage her years of leadership and human resources experience to share with you how to manage unwanted change in a positive way. Discover how to capitalize on change with purpose to benefit you and your business. Learn how to squeeze the most out of those lemons and make lemonade for a refreshing new perspective in response to difficult times.